Dear Sirs/Madams.

Thanks for the shown interest and visiting our WEB Site.We are glad to see you, our future visitors, and to greet in Latvia, in ancient, rich in its history Latgalian land by the bank of one of the most scenic lake of Latgale - Razna lake, where the Guest - house "OSMANY" is located.

We invite you to the Guest - house "OSMANY", where you can rest and valuably spend your holidays and weekends. We hope that by breathing in the aroma of our forests and coming into contact with the virgin nature of our land, you will derive a lot of energy and vigour. Our Land is rich in its history and its roots go to the 10th century, ruins of the Folkenberg castle at Makonkalns (247m above sea level) is favourite among visitors of the guest - house "OSMANY". From this place opens a wonderful view of one of the biggest lake of Latvia - Razna Lake.

You can visit chapter of our web site to see the history of the Folkenberg castle.

The Guest - house"OSMANY" is located 35 km from Rezekne town and 285 km.from Riga . It is located by the bank of ecologicaly clean lake, 80 m from the bank.The house will be at you complete disposal during your visiting. You could unaided exploit household, equipment as well as to be a full fledged visitor at the territory arround it . We welcome visitors the whole year .

To see the main service complex of the Guest house "OSMANY", please visit chapters SERVICES and NEWS, where we inform about the additional seasonal services of the guest house "OSMANY".